Retirement Reinvented
Find your path to a fulfilling retirement

Margaret Altschul, MBA, MA

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Getting Started

Call for a free consultation. 

Together we can:

  • Clarify your needs, wants, desires
  • Set goals
  • Choose the best options to meet your goals


1. Participate in a Group

Groups meet weekly.  Each session begins with a brief presentation of information.  Most of the 90 minute meeting is devoted to group discussion of the topic.

Group Topics

Key Factors to a Successful Retirement: Determining what you can control

Different Stages of Retirement:  How to shorten the disillusionment phase

Social Relationships: Nurturing current relationships and making new friends

Avoiding Boredom & Finding Purpose: How to select activities that are right for you

Marriage and Other Relationships: Understanding the new issues that arise

Life Style Choices:  Where to live, making decisions about spending money

Choices and Challenges:  Coping with unanticipated changes

2. Individual or Couple Sessions

Work at your own pace on the areas that are of most interest and concern to you. Develop your customized individual or couple retirement plan.

3. Resource and Referral

 Get suggestions for community resources and further reading.