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Why Plan for Retirement?

With increased life expectancy, most people will live many years after they stop working full time.  This is in sharp contrast to previous generations.  When retirement lasted just a few years, it made sense to view it as an extended vacation. Now, for the first time, retirement is a significant stage of life that may last 20 to 30+ years.

Research shows that people who plan for retirement are happier and more satisfied with their lifestyle.  Retirement brings about many changes in life.  Some changes are welcome and others are not.  Planning can help you anticipate problems and create solutions.


When Should You Plan for Retirement?

The best time to make plans is before you need them. You may have a set retirement date or you may see the writing on the wall.  After a certain age, job loss or business failure may thrust you into retirement sooner than expected.  For some people, retirement will be a gradual process.  You may decide to work part time or become a consultant in your field of expertise.

It is never too late to plan for retirement even if you have stopped working several years ago.


How Can You Plan for Retirement?

If you are like many people, you have probably consulted a financial planner to make sure you have enough money for retirement.  Few people realize how helpful it would be to consult a specialist to plan for their social and emotional well-being.  I can help you identify and clarify your needs, wants and wishes. After a brief consultation, we will develop an action plan which may include individual sessions, group meetings or suggested reading.

 You decide what works for you.